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  • Automotive - The automotive industry produces a wide range of self-propelled motor vehicles — from trucks and cars to motorcycles. While one driver buys a compact car to simply drive to work and run errands, another driver is only satisfied with a sleek sports sedan to speed through city traffic. A third driver chooses an SUV to transport the family on a rural or seaside vacation. This Automotive Portfolio features a series of automotive-themed videos.
  • Boating - Sail in and anchor at a city harbor or marina. Explore new mooring sites in an isolated cove or riverbank. People who love water, in the form of lakes, rivers, and oceans, are drawn to all sorts of boating activities. They may have the pleasure of owning a boat themselves or they may travel on a boat that someone else owns. This Boating Portfolio features a series of boating-related videos.
  • Cities - A city visit can be the high point of a vacation or even a school field trip. Cities have avenues, streets, and highways that provide access to the buildings. But in large cities, these roads are often congested with traffic, so public transportation may also be available in the form of buses, commuter trains, and even subways. This Cities Portfolio features a series of videos that highlight points of interest in major USA cities.
  • Construction - Construction involves putting together smaller parts into a whole, frequently in the context of building residential housing and other buildings. An entire industry, with workers ranging from architects and general contractors to tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers, has evolved to accomplish various construction tasks. This Construction Portfolio features a series of construction-related videos.
  • Cycling - Cycling is a sport that is not only a source of exercise but provides relaxation and enjoyment as well. Many bicycle shops exist to supply riders with many bicycle and accessory choices. Not only do they provide BMX, mountain, and road bikes but they also fit riders with safety equipment and offer bicycle parts and repair services. This Cycling Portfolio features a series of cycling-themed videos.
  • Exercise - Regular exercise can help to improve our moods, boost our energy levels, control our weight, and help us sleep. Exercising delivers oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues, helping the cardiovascular system to function more efficiently. Experts say that people should get at least thirty minutes of physical activity each day. This Exercise Portfolio features a series of exercise-themed videos.
  • Flags - Most flags represent some national, cultural, or organizational identity. They are used at military functions, at historical and sporting events, as a means of advertising, and even for communication purposes. Flags have been redesigned from time to time as borders and regimes, or even corporation names, have changed. This Flags Portfolio features a series of national flags waving.
  • Foods - Food is necessary for our survival. However, we eat food for both its nutritional value and its satisfying effects on our senses of sight, smell, and taste. With today's modern packaging, transportation, and refrigeration technologies, a vast selection of foods is available internationally. This Foods Portfolio features a series of food-related videos.
  • Furniture - Furniture plays a major role in meeting our seating, sleeping, storage, and work surface requirements. For both public buildings and homes, there are many alternatives to choose from so that the furniture will fit the function of a room or area. This Furniture Portfolio features a series of videos about furniture.
  • Gardening - Gardening is satisfying work whose end result can be a beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature. It often provides a change of pace from our everyday vocations. Of course a garden can be a commercial operation, producing produce and flowers to sell. But usually we think of gardening as working a plot of land around a home, consisting of shrubs, flowerbeds, and vegetable and herb gardens. This Gardening Portfolio features a series of garden-themed videos.
  • Horses - Horses are versatile animals. People ride them for work and pleasure, use them to pull plows and buggies, enjoy watching them race and perform, or simply keep them as pets. There are many horse breeds to choose from, ranging from draft horses to light horses and ponies. Some farms are specially configured for breeding horses. This Horses Portfolio features a series of horse-themed videos.
  • Science - Science is the systematic study of nature and the physical universe, through observation and experimentation. Scientists are practitioners of science; they take an interest in the world around them, and they are curious about how and why things happen. This Science Portfolio features a series of science-related videos.
  • Sports - Sports play a growing role in our everyday lives. They can be categorized as either team sports or individual sports. Sports can be played with a ball or with other types of sports equipment. There are running sports, water sports, and even stationary sports. Certain sports are played during particular seasons of the year, and major sporting events are widely broadcast and supported by their fans. This Sports Portfolio features a series of sports-themed videos.
  • Tools - Learn to use the tools in your toolbox correctly. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or a professional tradesman, the right tools will help make any repair or construction job easier and safer. This Tool Portfolio features a series of tool-related videos.
  • Travel - When the travel bug bites, it's sometimes hard to stay home. Many people work hard for most of the year, and they look forward to enjoying some leisure time each year, often traveling to a vacation spot or to visit friends and family. Travel can be an escape from the norm, an adventure, or a voyage. It may be a journey to explore new horizons or a relaxing trip to a single destination. This Travel Portfolio features a series of travel destination videos.

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