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advertising terminology and techniques

  • About WebsiteAdvertising.us - Web Site Advertising
    The focus of the WebSiteAdvertising.us web site is web site advertising, in two forms. Web site visitors can learn how to publicize their web sites and how to accept advertising on their web sites.
  • About AdvertisingAgencies.us - Advertising Agencies
    The focus of the AdvertisingAgencies.us website is advertising agencies, and how to work with them. Website visitors can learn how to select and work with an ad agency in order to publicize and advertise their business products and services.
  • About PayPerClickTools.com - Pay-Per-Click Tools
    The focus of website PayPerClickTools.com is online, pay-per-click search engines and advertising tools. Website visitors can read about the history of bidded advertising listings on the World Wide Web and learn why this form of targeted advertising can be very cost-effective. PayPerClickTools.com focuses on several economical Internet advertising tools that can help online marketers reach target audiences efficiently and build web site traffic quickly.
  • About Market Research
    Market researchers gather information about what people think in order to help companies make decisions on the promotion, distribution, and design of products and services. A majority of the surveys are conducted through the Internet and over the telephone, but market researchers also use focus groups, mail responses, or publicly placed booths to conduct surveys. Market researchers may also help design advertising brochures and commercials, sales plans, and product promotions.
  • About Newspaper Publishers
    Newspapers are scheduled print publications that are divided into sections focusing on local and national news, business, entertainment, sports, society, and crime. There may also be editorial sections and classified ads where subscribers can look for jobs or post their items for sale. Newspapers may be issued on a daily or weekly basis and may be local, national, or international. Publishers earn revenue through advertising and subscriber fees.

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