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Arctic tundra - Top of the World Highway, Yukon Territory, Canada

  • About Map-of-Canada.org - Map of Canada
    Learn about the nation of Canada and view printable maps of Canada and its surrounding land and water areas. Find demographic and travel information about Canada; use the online maps to find Canada's major cities and to study Canada's geography.
  • About Canada-Maps.org - Canada Maps
    Canada maps, photos, and travel information are the focus of website Canada-Maps.org. Website visitors can learn about the Canadian provinces and territories, view detailed road maps and travel photos, and read about Canadian travel destinations and tourist attractions.
  • About Canadian-Flag.org - Canadian Flag
    This website contains Canadian flag illustrations and photographs as well as reference information about the national flag of Canada.
  • About GrandfatherClocks.us - Grandfather Clocks
    Grandfather clocks are featured on the website GrandfatherClocks.us. This website defines what a grandfather clock is and briefly discusses the history of grandfather clocks. It includes links to shops that sell grandfather clocks as well as to grandfather clock makers in the United States and Canada. Website visitors can learn the history of traditional floor clocks, and compare grandfather and grandmother clocks.
  • About Ski-Resorts.us - Ski Resorts
    Ski resorts are featured on the website Ski-Resorts.us. This website offers tips for choosing a ski resort that will meet your needs and interests and those of your family members. Links to popular ski resorts in the United States and Canada are included. The links indicate whether the resorts cater to beginner, intermediate, or expert skiers. Website visitors can learn about selected North American ski resorts, lodges, and winter vacation destinations.
  • About Kennels
    Each year over 30 million pet owners in the United States and Canada utilize boarding kennels to provide temporary shelter for their pets while they are on vacation or otherwise unable to care for them. Most boarding kennels house primarily dogs or both dogs and cats, but there are some kennels that also board horses, birds, reptiles, and other exotic pets. In addition to boarding animals, many kennels also sell pet supplies and provide grooming services and training classes.
Canadian maple leaf
Canadian Maple Leaf Flag Waving in Ottawa

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