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cruise ship on a turquoise sea near Patmos Island, Greece
  • About BermudaCruises.us - About Bermuda Cruises
    Bermuda cruises are the focus of the BermudaCruises.us website. Cruise lines that offer cruises between Bermuda and east coast cities in the USA are described on this Site.
  • About Travel Agents
    Travel agents coordinate every aspect of travel, from choosing a destination to booking a flight, from making arrangements for hotel accommodations and car rentals to arranging tours. Many travel agents work closely with cruise lines, as well as with resorts, spas, and special-interest travel groups. Travel agents are expected to know the pros and cons of the destinations they recommend, including tourist attractions, restaurants, entertainment, local customs, and serious hazards.
  • About Water Transportation
    Water transportation workers, also known as merchant mariners, oversee the movement of cargo and passengers throughout oceans, rivers, canals, harbors, and other waterways. They may operate deep sea merchant ships, tugboats, ferries, barges, offshore supply vessels, cruise ships, and other watercraft. Captains, mates, and pilots supervise the operations of ships and water vessels on United States waterways.

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