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Computer Desks

  • About Computer-Desks.org - Computer Desks
    Computer desks are featured on the website Computer-Desks.org. This website defines the features and characteristics of computer desks and lists accessories typically found on a computer desk, such as space for a keyboard and mouse. It offers tips about how to choose computer desks for maximum comfort and efficiency. Links to computer furniture suppliers are included, as well as references to general information about computer furniture.
  • About Classroom-Furniture.org - Classroom Furniture
    The focus of this website, Classroom-Furniture.org, is classroom furniture, including the desks, tables, and chairs used by students and their teachers in primary and secondary school classrooms. Here you will learn about school furnishing characteristics, trends, and good practices. You will also find convenient links to selected classroom furniture vendors and school interior designers.
  • About Library-Furniture.org - Library Furniture
    The Library-Furniture.org website explains what kinds of furniture modern libraries need, such as bookshelves, tables, study carrels, couches, and other seating. It also discusses how library furniture has changed over the years as libraries have become multimedia centers. Links to library furniture suppliers are included. Learn about library furniture trends, features, and requirements; find suppliers of library shelving, media centers, study tables, and circulation desks.
  • About Gunsmiths
    The role of the gunsmith was predated by early gunmakers who hand crafted early firearms that were often decorated. Many decorated handguns featured bronze or silver barrels and ornately embellished wheel-locks, with the earliest examples dating from the 1530s. Gunsmiths of the 16th and 17th centuries often entered their trade after gaining experience crafting small furniture, because Staghorn and ebony were widely used for desks and cabinets as well as the wooden stocks of firearms.
student desks in a classroom
Student Desks and Chairs in a Classroom

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