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fly fishing in a russian river
  • About FlyRods.us - Fly Rods
    Fly rods are the focus of the website FlyRods.us. This website defines what a fly rod is and discusses the materials usually used to construct fly rods. It also includes tips for choosing fly rods and explains the different types of fly rods available. Links to fly rod manufacturers are included, as well as links to fly-fishing reels and general fly-fishing information.
  • About Aviation Schools
    Pilots learn to fly through military flight training, FAA parts 141 and 61 schools, and independent flight instructors. Part 141 schools use a structured curriculum ideal for students pursuing a flying career, while part 61 schools are less structured and require more flight hours. Training is facilitated through classroom and hands-on instruction provided by a flight instructor.
  • About FishingReels.us - Fishing Reels
    A fishing reel is a device attached to a fishing rod that lets out or winds up the fishing line. Fishing reels are featured on the website FishingReels.us, which defines the four basic types of fishing reels and under what conditions a fisher would choose each type. It includes links to online fishing tackle dealers, fishing reel manufacturers, and general fishing resources. Website visitors can learn about spin casting reels, spinning reels, bait casting reels, and fly fishing reels.

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