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  • About Do-It-Yourself.us - Do It Yourself
    The do-it-yourself movement is the focus of website Do-It-Yourself.us. Website visitors can learn how products like latex paint made it easier for homeowners to do projects around the house themselves. The website features links to books, magazines, and related information resources for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.
  • About Air-Tools.org - Air Tools
    The focus of this website is pneumatically powered air tools. Website visitors can learn the pros and cons of air tools, and read about how these tools are used by tradespeople and homeowners. Convenient air tool manufacturer links are available on the site.
  • About GarageStorage.us - Garage Storage
    Garage storage planning and products are the focus of the GarageStorage.us website. This website discusses the dilemma faced by homeowners who have garages cluttered with garden tools and out-of-season items as well as all sorts of extra stuff - so much clutter that the family car hardly fits in the garage! Website visitors can learn how to plan and organize their garage, using storage units, shelving, and hooks that hang on the garage walls or even from the garage ceiling.
  • About Saw-Blades.us - Saw Blades
    The Saw-Blades.us website features a description of saw blades used by contractors, woodworkers, and homeowners. Website visitors can find information about saw blade teeth patterns, materials, and construction; they can also learn the differences between circular saw blades, hacksaw blades, and jigsaw blades.
  • About TableSaws.us - Table Saws
    The TableSaws.us website features a description of table saws used by contractors, woodworkers, and homeowners. Website visitors can find tips about table saw safety, browse selected saw manufacturer websites, and learn the differences between contractor saws, cabinet saws, and portable table saws.

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