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blue incandescent light bulb

  • About Light-Bulbs.us - Light Bulbs
    Electric light bulbs are the focus of website Light-Bulbs.us. Website visitors can read the history of the electric light bulb and learn about the pros and cons of different types of light bulbs. Light bulb manufacturer website links are included on-site.
  • About ComparisonShopping.us - Comparison Shopping
    The Internet makes it easy to compare products and prices from multiple suppliers. ComparisonShopping.us features a comparison shopping overview plus convenient access to comparison shopping sites and safe shopping information. The information on this website can help you save money when shopping online for business and consumer products.
  • About SUVAccessories.us - SUV Accessories
    SUV accessories are featured on the website SUVAccessories.us. This website defines what SUVs are and why they are popular. It also discusses both interior and exterior accessories that are available for SUVs. Links to shops that sell SUV parts and accessories are included, as well as links to SUV manufacturers and general SUV resources.
  • About WallClocks.us - Wall Clocks
    Wall clocks are featured on the WallClocks.us website, which defines wall clocks in terms of their usefulness and beauty. Learn about the various types of wall clocks, from battery-powered quartz movement clocks to digital and pendulum-driven movement clocks. Compare wall clocks for home or office from selected wall clock manufacturers. Site features links to shops that sell wall clocks and to information about collecting clocks.
  • About Aurora-Borealis.us - Aurora Borealis
    This website describes the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, a natural phenomena that occurs in the atmosphere at northern latitudes. Website visitors can view Aurora Borealis photographs and browse through online information resources to learn more about these fascinating, colorful light displays.
  • About LandscapeLighting.us - Landscape Lighting
    Landscape lighting is lighting installed outdoors to provide light for safety as well as to enhance the appearance of your outdoor area. Landscape lighting is featured on the website LandscapeLighting.us. This website defines many types of landscape lighting and offers tips for choosing lighting products and accessories. It includes suggestions for designing outdoor lighting systems that will improve the beauty of your landscape as well as links to landscape lighting suppliers.
  • About Photo-Album.us - Photo Album
    A photo album is a collection of photos that are organized by topic or arranged chronologically. This Photo-Album.us website focuses on photography equipment and techniques, including digital cameras, framing and focus, and light and exposure. The website includes a series of captioned photos that were taken with a digital SLR camera.
  • About Gemologists
    Out of over 3,000 different minerals, only about 50 are commonly fashioned into gemstones. Some of the more commonly used minerals include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and turquoise. Most gems, including diamonds, are fashioned by a process known as faceting, which involves cutting the surface of the mineral into a number of flat faces. The size, number, and angles of the facets on a gemstone are mathematically calculated to maximize light dispersion.

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