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  • About Area-Codes.org - Area Codes
    Telephone area code information is featured on Area-Codes.org. Included is a directory of North American Public Network Area Codes, ordered numerically and by country and location. Website visitors can find area code maps and answers to frequently asked questions about telephone area codes.
  • About GardenFountains.us - Garden Fountains
    Garden fountains are defined as any fountain intended for use outdoors. Such fountains are the focus of the website GardenFountains.us. This website defines the different types of fountains available, what materials they are made from, and what parts are typically included with a fountain. The website includes tips for choosing a fountain and a fountain location as well as links to garden fountain suppliers, designers, and manufacturers.
  • About MapsAndDirections.us - Maps And Directions
    MapsAndDirections.us features multiple resources to increase your knowledge about maps. Learn about the major map projections and their uses. Find free online maps and point-to-point driving directions. Links to selected map publishers, location services, and mapping software vendors are included on the website.
  • About Convention Planners
    Convention planners coordinate the details of a meeting or convention to meet the needs of its target audience as well as those of the client. They are responsible for coordinating the convention location, transportation, speakers, printed material, audio-visual equipment, and more, all while staying under a set budget. Convention planners must determine whether the purpose of the meeting would be best achieved via an Internet conference or more traditional on-site convention.
  • About Heavy Duty Trucking
    Truck drivers pick up and deliver freight from one place to another. Heavy truck and tractor-trailer operators drive trucks or vans with a capacity of at least 26,001 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW). The majority of heavy truck and tractor-trailer operators are long-haul drivers, delivering goods over routes spanning several states or more. Most long-haul drivers plan their own routes, keeping in mind the delivery location and deadline.
  • About Real Estate Appraisers
    Real estate appraisers estimate the value of property - including both residential and commercial property - for reasons that include sale, refinance, divorce settlement, or estate settlement. Real estate appraisers work in geographic areas they are familiar with, so they are aware of the factors that may affect the value of property. When appraising the property, real estate appraisers consider the location, the condition of the property, and whether it possesses any unique features.

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