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advertising agency management staff
Advertising Agency Management Staff

  • About Hotel Management
    Some hotel management companies manage and operate multiple hotels; others provide consulting and outsourcing services in areas such as hotel operations, reservations sales and systems, physical plant maintenance, and food services. In terms of hotel management occupations, two key staffing requirements are hotel managers and hotel desk clerks.
  • About Environmental Engineers
    Environmental engineers help develop solutions to environmental issues such as water and air pollution, recycling, and waste disposal through the use of biology and chemistry principles. They conduct hazardous water management studies and develop regulations, design municipal water supply and industrial waste water treatment systems, research the environmental impact of proposed construction, and perform quality control checks.
  • About Industrial Engineers
    Industrial engineers determine how to most effectively utilize people, machines, materials, information, and energy in production or service industries. They are concerned with maximizing efficiency by lowering expenditures while raising productivity. Industrial engineers design manufacturing and information systems to help meet these goals.
  • About Pest Control Services
    Pest control workers remove unwanted creatures such as roaches, rats, mice, spiders, termites, ants, and bedbugs from buildings and surrounding areas. Utilizing knowledge of pests' habits and biology, pest control workers locate and identify the pests. They then use an arsenal of pest management techniques, including traps and pesticides, to remove the pests.

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