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  • About Air-Conditioners.us - Air Conditioners
    Air conditioners and air conditioning techniques are featured on the Air-Conditioners.us website. Visitors to this website can read about the history of air conditioners and learn how air conditioning appliances and systems are used to cool, dehumidify, filter, and circulate the air in enclosed spaces. Website visitors can also find industry organizations that deal with air conditioning and the broader HVAC market.
  • About General-Contractors.us - General Contractors
    General contractors are the focus of the General-Contractors.us website. On this website, visitors can learn about the role of a general contractor and find tips for choosing a general contractor. The website explains how to write and evaluate a contract; it also discusses what information should be included in a contract. Website visitors can find building trade organizations and use contractor matching services to help them find local building contractors and home remodelers.
  • About LocalRealEstate.us - Local Real Estate
    Local real estate is the focus of the website LocalRealEstate.us. This website defines real estate and describes what real estate agencies and agents do. It further explains how local real estate agents work together by using regional Multiple Listing Services. Through these services, they can list information about all properties in the area for sale, so that all agents know about the listings. The website includes links to real estate organizations, services, and directories.
  • About LocDir.com - Local Directory
    LocDir.com is a regional website directory that focuses on businesses and organizations in the 50 states of the USA. Website owners and webmasters can submit websites for editorial review and possible inclusion in the directory.
  • About LooseDiamonds.us - Loose Diamonds
    Loose diamonds are featured on the LooseDiamonds.us website. This website defines what diamonds are, how they are made, how they are mined, and what they are used for. It also includes tips for evaluating gemstone diamonds. Links are available to loose diamond dealers, wholesale diamond organizations, and diamond trading resources. There are also links to websites with more general diamond information.
  • About Toys-For-Children.com - Toys For Children
    The focus of the Toys-For-Children.com website is age-specific toy guidelines and suggestions. Children's toy donation organizations are also featured on the website.

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