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Fresh House Paint

  • About FineArtPrints.us - Fine Art Prints
    The FineArtPrints.us website focuses on fine art prints, defines fine art, and explains how prints make fine art available to more people, especially middle-class people. It further discusses the processes available for making fine art prints and includes links to art galleries and shops that sell fine art prints. Visitors can learn about art originals and methods of print making; links to selected art galleries and art studios are included on the website.
  • About Air-Tools.org - Air Tools
    The focus of this website is pneumatically powered air tools. Website visitors can learn the pros and cons of air tools, and read about how these tools are used by tradespeople and homeowners. Convenient air tool manufacturer links are available on the site.
  • About Do-It-Yourself.us - Do It Yourself
    The do-it-yourself movement is the focus of website Do-It-Yourself.us. Website visitors can learn how products like latex paint made it easier for homeowners to do projects around the house themselves. The website features links to books, magazines, and related information resources for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.
  • About JaneHesterman.com - Jane Hesterman
    Jane has been dabbling with watercolor paints since 1990. During those early years, they were simply a hobby that she enjoyed when on vacation. Eventually, taking a few classes encouraged her to paint more frequently. Here are some of her attempts at controlling watercolor. She paints everyday scenes around her and interesting sights that she sees while traveling.

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