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artistic oil painting
Oil Painting

  • About Watercolor-Painting.com - Watercolor Painting
    Watercolor-Painting.com is a directory developed by a watercolor artist for people interested in watercolor art. After painting for 15 years and participating in many watercolor classes and workshops, the author of this website began developing digital art skills while working with web designers. Watercolor-Painting.com has been developed by a database professional so the sites listed can be found efficiently.
  • About JaneHesterman.com - Jane Hesterman
    Jane has been dabbling with watercolor paints since 1990. During those early years, they were simply a hobby that she enjoyed when on vacation. Eventually, taking a few classes encouraged her to paint more frequently. Here are some of her attempts at controlling watercolor. She paints everyday scenes around her and interesting sights that she sees while traveling.
  • About Watercolor-Paper.com - Watercolor Paper
    Watercolor art paper is the focus of the Watercolor-Paper.com website. If you are a watercolor artist who is choosing paper for a watercolor painting, this website can get you started in the right direction. Links to watercolor paper reviews are included on the website.
road amidst Fall colors
Road Through Autumn Leaves

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