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Data Processing Concept
  • About PayrollProcessing.us - Payroll Processing
    Payroll processing is the focus of the PayrollProcessing.us website. This website defines payroll processing and explores how it has evolved over the last 40 years from a tedious manual operation to a computerized process. It also explores options for payroll processing, from handling it internally to hiring a payroll company. Links to payroll service and software providers are included, as well as one to the American Payroll Association.
  • About Meat Processing
    Meat processing involves converting animal carcasses into manageable pieces known as boxed-meat or case-ready meat for use by wholesalers and retailers. There are a number of occupations that are involved in meat processing. These occupations include slaughterers and meat packers, poultry cutters and trimmers, fish cutters and trimmers, and butchers and meat cutters.
  • About CoffeeShop.us - Coffee Shop
    Learn about coffee varieties and processing techniques at CoffeeShop.us, where you will find convenient links to online coffee shops, coffee roasters, and home coffee delivery services.

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