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  • About Real Estate Appraisers
    Real estate appraisers estimate the value of property - including both residential and commercial property - for reasons that include sale, refinance, divorce settlement, or estate settlement. Real estate appraisers work in geographic areas they are familiar with, so they are aware of the factors that may affect the value of property. When appraising the property, real estate appraisers consider the location, the condition of the property, and whether it possesses any unique features.
  • About Address-Labels.us - Address Labels
    Address labels are often used to specify sender and recipient addresses on mailing labels and shipping labels. They are also used to identify personal property owners. This website identifies common sizes and shapes for pin-fed, laser, and thermal printer labels. It also discusses the use of address labels on luggage tags and provides convenient access to selected address label suppliers.
  • About InvestmentBrokers.us - Investment Brokers
    An investment broker is someone who handles orders to buy and sell securities, commodities, and other property. Investment brokers (also known as financial brokers) are featured on the InvestmentBrokers.us website. This site explains what brokers do and how brokers are paid. It also includes tips for choosing a broker and setting up a brokerage account. Links to investment brokers and online investment brokers are included, as well as tips from the Security and Exchange Commission.

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