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  • About Newspaper Publishers
    Newspapers are scheduled print publications that are divided into sections focusing on local and national news, business, entertainment, sports, society, and crime. There may also be editorial sections and classified ads where subscribers can look for jobs or post their items for sale. Newspapers may be issued on a daily or weekly basis and may be local, national, or international. Publishers earn revenue through advertising and subscriber fees.
  • About Desktop Publishing
    Desktop publishers help produce books, brochures, calendars, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and forms by using computer software to format text, data, photographs, charts, and other graphic art into prototypes. After formatting the prototype, desktop publishers print it on a high-resolution printer or send it to a commercial printer. Specifically, desktop publishers design and create graphics, find and edit photographs and digital images, and manipulate text and image layouts.
  • About Free-Photos.us - Free Photos
    Digital photograph licensing and marketability are the foci of the Free-Photos.us website. Visitors can read about the license and usage terms offered by amateur and professional photographers, and photographers can learn how to take photos that publishers will want to use on websites, brochures, and news articles.
  • About MapsAndDirections.us - Maps And Directions
    MapsAndDirections.us features multiple resources to increase your knowledge about maps. Learn about the major map projections and their uses. Find free online maps and point-to-point driving directions. Links to selected map publishers, location services, and mapping software vendors are included on the website.

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