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fanciful time machine
Fanciful Time Machine

  • About AlarmClocks.us - Alarm Clocks
    AlarmClocks.us is an introduction to alarm clock styles and features. Mechanical, electric, and battery clocks are discussed. Find alarm clock dealers as well as alarm clock manufacturers. Website visitors can learn about horology (the science or art of measuring time) and information about timekeeping.
  • About AtomicClocks.us - Atomic Clocks
    Atomic clocks are featured on AtomicClocks.us. So-called atomic clocks keep time by means of quartz crystals and periodic radio-controlled synchronization with the NIST atomic clock. Website visitors can compare radio-controlled clocks offered by selected atomic clock makers. Atomic clock dealers are listed, as well as educational resources discussing the history of atomic clocks.
  • About GiftsForDad.us - Gifts For Dad
    Helping you choose unique gifts for your father is the focus of website GiftsForDad.us. This website helps you think about what activities or hobbies your father enjoys so you can select an appropriate gift. It also lists traditional gifts given on Father's Day and includes links to websites that offer gifts for men. Learn about the types of gifts that Dads often appreciate.
  • About Wood-Carving-Tools.com - Wood Carving Tools
    Wood carving tools are featured on the Wood-Carving-Tools.com website. This website explains what wood carving tools are used for and how these tools have evolved over time. It defines the major types of hand and power tools and accessories a woodcarver needs and includes links to wood carving tool suppliers and information resources. Website visitors can learn about wood carving tools such as chisels and gouges, whetstones, carving knives, wood clamps, and rotary tools.
  • About Watches Retail
    Watches are basically portable clocks that were originally developed in the 16th century, after Peter Henlein invented the mainspring. They tell the time of day or night and come in all sizes and shapes. Some watch designs are plain and simple while others are ornate and even jewel-encrusted. Until the 20th century, watches had analog displays and many clockwork parts. More recent developments include electric watches with quartz crystals and electronic watches with digital displays.
  • About Wedding Planners
    Wedding planners are professionals who handle the planning and details of a wedding. The size of the wedding usually dictates how much planning needs to be done and what kind of experience the planner needs to have. For any wedding, enough time should be allowed before the wedding to schedule and finalize all plans. Planners can orchestrate every detail, from invitations to cleanup, or they can simply organize and carry out one part of the arrangements on the day of the wedding.

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