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World War II era Soldier
World War II Era Soldier

  • About World-War-One.org - World War One
    The first World War was a major conflict that claimed millions of lives, changed the map of Europe and the Middle East, and altered the balance of power among the world's nations. World-War-One.org focuses on the causes, campaigns, and outcomes of this early 20th century war.
  • About World-War-Two.org - World War Two
    World War II was the world's largest military confrontation to date, pitting the forces of democracy and liberalism against the forces of fascism and nationalistic militarism. World-War-Two.org focuses on the causes, campaigns, and outcomes of this mid-20th century war.
  • About American-Revolution.us - American Revolution
    The origins and events of the 18th century American Revolution against the British Empire are featured on the website American-Revolution.us. Links to sites that discuss individual aspects of the American Revolution — the American War of Independence — are included on the website.

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