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Water-Resistant Watch

  • About SportWatches.us - Sport Watches
    Sport watches are featured on the website SportWatches.us. This website defines watches in general and sport watches in particular. It explains how sport watches are designed for durability and water-resistance. It also discusses the specialized features that many sports watches offer for athletes. Links to sport watch dealers and manufacturers are included on the website.
  • About Watches Retail
    Watches are basically portable clocks that were originally developed in the 16th century, after Peter Henlein invented the mainspring. They tell the time of day or night and come in all sizes and shapes. Some watch designs are plain and simple while others are ornate and even jewel-encrusted. Until the 20th century, watches had analog displays and many clockwork parts. More recent developments include electric watches with quartz crystals and electronic watches with digital displays.
  • About HeartRateMonitors.us - Heart Rate Monitors
    The HeartRateMonitors.us website defines heart rate monitors and describes how they can be used. It also discusses the benefits heart rate monitors can bring to an exercise program. Heart rate monitor manufacturer and supplier links are included, as well as links to general information about monitoring your heart rate. Visitors can compare heart rate monitors, pulse meters, and training watches from selected personal fitness equipment makers.
three watches on a woman's hand
Three Wristwatches on a Woman's Hand

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