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Wooden Floor

  • About Amish-Furniture.us - Amish Furniture
    Amish furniture descriptions and sources are featured on the website Amish-Furniture.us. This website defines what Amish furniture is and how it is made. It also discusses the craftsmanship and materials used to make solid wood Amish furniture. Web site visitors can learn about Amish furniture features and construction, and compare Amish furniture products from selected Amish furniture makers and distributors.
  • About BoatBuilders.us - Boat Builders
    BoatBuilders.us is a convenient resource that features information about boat building materials and techniques as well as a directory of boat manufacturers and marinas in each state of the USA. Website visitors can search for boat builders that specialize in specific types of boats.
  • About CurtainRods.us - Curtain Rods
    Curtain rods and accessories are the focus of the CurtainRods.us website. Visitors can learn about curtain rod hardware, including adjustable and fixed length curtain rods, finials, and fittings. A curtain rod glossary and a curtain rod manufacturer directory are available on the website.
  • About Gunsmiths
    The role of the gunsmith was predated by early gunmakers who hand crafted early firearms that were often decorated. Many decorated handguns featured bronze or silver barrels and ornately embellished wheel-locks, with the earliest examples dating from the 1530s. Gunsmiths of the 16th and 17th centuries often entered their trade after gaining experience crafting small furniture, because Staghorn and ebony were widely used for desks and cabinets as well as the wooden stocks of firearms.

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